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About Me

I'm a multi-instrumental composer and recording artist. I've been producing music for over 25 years. I make Short Songs For Patrons. Occasionally, I make music for video, radio, and other projects. My first language is English, but I speak and read intermediate Japanese (I'm working on writing). I'm an avid reader and I occasionally write fiction and set it to music. I cohost a weekly community radio program. I dabble in various programming languages and nerdy tech stuff. I like to consider myself to be a student of life.

More About Me

See my full bio page or take a look at my desk.

Where to find me

Email | Patreon | Mastodon | | Bandcamp | | Soundcloud | (plus all the other streaming things)

What am I doing now?

See my "now" page.


Michael's Regret album cover

Michael's Regret (2023)

The first part in the Clockmaker trilogy of short stories and original score.

Patron Quest album cover

Patron Quest: The Search For The Mystic Fountain (2022)

An entirely 8-bit chiptune soundtrack with original short adventure story. The music is a reimagining of every track from Short Songs For Patrons III: The Photo Album

Short Songs For Patrons III album cover

Short Songs For Patrons III: The Photo Album (2021)

The third installment of SSFP, wherein I made short songs for patrons, based on photos they sent me.

Short Songs For Patrons II album cover

Short Songs For Patrons II (2020)

The second installment of SSFP. For this one, I asked patrons for a mood or feeling they wanted for their custom theme song.

Short Songs For Patrons album cover

Short Songs For Patrons (2019)

The first SSFP album, wherein I composed, produced, performed, recorded and otherwise made short, custom theme songs for anyone who became a patron of mine on Patreon.

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