Chris Carlier

What I'm Doing Now

Learning new skills

I've spent a lot of time learning free, open source software this year - things like Linux and OpenBSD. It's been pretty fun! I've always been a DIY kind of person, gravitating toward computer and web stuff. My website was already built by me. Now it's just a little simpler and a little more secure behind the scenes. This brings me some joy.

Short Songs For Patrons: Clockmaker

Since 2019, I've been devoting the majority of my creative time to making Short Songs For Patrons. This has resulted in a number of albums of exactly what it sounds like - short songs, personalized for people who become my patrons (over on Patreon. I've focused on one SSFP project per year, but started changing it up in 2023. For the Clockmaker project, I'm writing and recording orchestral "film" music to accompany a short story, tying in patron names and giving patrons updates along the way. It's the biggest, most complex thing I've ever worked on.