What I’m Doing Now

Short Songs For Patrons: Clockmaker
Since 2019, I’ve been devoting the majority of my creative time to making Short Songs For Patrons. This has resulted in a number of albums of exactly what it sounds like – short songs, personalized for people who become my patrons (over on Patreon). I’ve focused on one SSFP project/album per year, but started changing it up this year. For the Clockmaker project, I’m writing and recording orchestral “film” music to accompany a short story, tying in patron names and giving patrons updates along the way. It’s the biggest, most complex thing I’ve ever worked on.

Check out Part I: Michael’s Regret

Making this website
I’ve dabbled in web development since the ’90s. Like many of my interests, I’m entirely self-taught. My original plan was to learn some modern programming language (specifically Python), but in the interest of time, I opted for WordPress, which, despite its flaws, is relatively very easy to just fire up and start using.

Speaking of coding
Because I’m writing a story for the Clockmaker project, I thought it’d be fun to learn something weird: LaTeX. I’m using this to present the written story in a book-like format.